Firefox 5 Released


Firefox was has just met their promise to their users. Firefox 5 for Personal Computer and Android have been released today just three months ago from its predecessor was released. According to U.S based research company Mozilla 4 has a wild success and had more than 200 million downloads.

The benefits of Mozilla are that it’s a cross-platform web browser and the one other important thing to stress about Mozilla is its rapid development cycle. This helps in delivering cutting edge features, performance enhancements, security updates and stability improvements to users faster.

Firefox 5, as it has been sensibly named, can be downloaded for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android platforms. Few major tweaks have been slotted into this release, which is hardly surprising given the fast, splatter-gun style of updating Mozilla code. Apart from major tweaks, Mozilla boasts “more than 1,000 improvements and updates” to its browser, including support for more modern web technologies to aid developers who build Firefox add-ons, web apps and websites.

Firefox seemed to mirror Google developers roadmap style, though it managed to be the first browser to debut the so-called Do Not Track privacy feature across platforms, including on Google’s own Android.

Firefox is expected to keep the pace of Rapid Development whereby in September 21st 2011 its Firefox 6 is supposed to ping. Personally as computer scientist, I hope sensitive applications like web browser will maintain their standards to cater issues like security, speed, Cloud capability and many more factors in the run to outdo other competitors.

Click here to download Firefox 5