Cycling down a steep hill, and recording it on Nokia N8

Jontte and Nikke

Two college students thrilled by the idea of cycling around the world embarked on a journy to satisfy this. The idea in the first place was to cycle around their country New Zealand, but thought it not adventure enough. So came with the plan to do the round-the-world thing.They decided to start from New Zealand, over to Australia, Malaysia, the Koreas, fly to America and cycle across it, fly to Europe and end in Finland. Such a wonderful expedition.

Why by bike? We both share a life long and common interest in cycling, so the decision came actually pretty naturally. Physical stress and experiencing new things at the same time seemed like an intriguing combination. Basically we love to cycle. And what about the tandem? Though we are already quite even, the tandem makes us equally strong cyclists by the means of pace. Savvy, are you reading this?

Jontte and Nikke

And so they embarked on their journey, on January this year. Pictures and videos were shot on a Nokia N8, see the video below that they recorded as they sped downhill a mountain pass in the mountainous Canada.


82km/h from Ride The Tandem on Vimeo.

And the photo gallery of their adventure in their website. You can live the dream! And see the rest on their Vimeo page