Nokia C3-01 touch and type has a Gold edition

C3 Gold edition

Nokia C3-01 touch and type launched earlier on has a C3-01 Gold edition. The Gold edition was developed exclusively for Eastern Europe and Middle Eastern markets. I think Nokia Oro had some level of success for Nokia to consider designing a premium series 40 phone.

C3 Gold editionNokia C3 touch and type Gold edition

Nokia Oro was a modified Nokia C3 and looked very flashy with the leather and gold finishing. Similarly Nokia C3-01 touch and type has a finishing of 18 carat gold added to your usual Nokia C3-01. Also added to the list of features is an advanced processor of 1ghz. Other specs change is the series 40 browser which has been optimized for faster web access while minimizing data usage. The usual Wi-Fi, bluetooth, 2.4 inch QVGA touch screen, 5 megapixel fixed focus camera with flash and MicroSD of upto 32 GB storage remain.

The phone is already shipping in select markets for €220.


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