This is probably the first Nokia N9 roaming on Safaricom Network

Nokia N9

I had a nice day today, starting with the launch of two bottom-end phones by Nokia at the Serena to finally laying my hands on the prestigious Nokia N9. I have been a fan of Nokia N9 from when it was a rumour to date. I finally saw my crush. And I must say, she didnt disappoint.
Nokia N9
During the Nokia 100, 101 launch earlier today I got the chance to interview Calin Turcanu, Head of Mobile Phones, Middle East and Africa, and while I popped in the meego question, he explained to me that Nokia values the Nokia N9 on the meego harmattan platform which will be available in the next few weeks. He went ahead to tell me that he has it with him and I could view it at the event. That was the beginning of  my desire to finally meet my crush, you should have seen me. And finally the Nokia N9 was here, me holding it. Now as opposed to what I previously thought, this phone is lighter than the N8, same front dimensions apparently but slimmer.

And it was roaming on safaricom network. I browsed through the apps, very responsive, just like the dream wife 😉 . The swipe finally a reality, a horde of apps, the true black background, AMOLED screen. I could go on and on, I didnt have time to get cozy, Mr Calin had to leave 🙁 . I recorded a shoddy video which I will upload and only subscribed readers will have access to the link. So pop your mail in the top left for that.

And that was the short stint with my crush. Am coming for you babe, just you wait, Knight in shining armour.

And just so you know, Nokia money is around the corner. Stay tuned.