Nokia E6 Review

Nokia E6

Nokia E6Nokia E6 was one of the two first Symbian Anna phones by Nokia, this and Nokia X7 were released at pretty the same time. Nokia E6 was the business phone while Nokia X7 was the entertainment device. Physically the two phones have huge differences with the former being touch and type, qwerty phone while the latter a fully touch piece. The smartphone comes in three colours, black, silver and white. I got a silver one. Qwerty phones have a niche of their own, the business club who want to feel the buttons and type their mail fast.

A predecessor to Nokia E72 and Nokia E5 which made the Nokia qwerty a revolution. I must confess Nokia E5 made me change the way I viewed qwerty phones(I love touch phones). With 5 home-screens, Nokia E6 gives you the ability to add loads of widgets and shortcuts for easy access. The Symbian Anna icons look fly by the way. Nokia E6 has a 2.46 TFT LCD screen with 240 by 480 pixels, 16 M colours.

With a storage of 8Gb mass storage(half that of Nokia N8) and a 32 GB expandability via microSD you get enough storage, afterall this phone is not made for the storage frenzied. Either way, the USB on the go feature would come in handy where you can transfer data to a flash disc. The 8 mega-pixel camera has a wee bit drawback in that its fullfocus, I dont know why Nokia compromised on this feature. But atleast it has the dual-led flash, which doubles up as a torch. All E series phones do. Good pictures though.

It has good data speeds with HSDPA caps of upto 10.2 Mbps, quite fast considering the size of screen, so files load faster, and Bluetooth 3.0. The phone also comes pre-installed with the Joikuspot application that allows for configuration as a wi-fi hotspot. The premium version actually that you can secure and rename to your wi-fi name. Other handy features are the Microsoft Communicator, Mail for exchange and other valuable business applications. Psst! I just learnt that Nokia Universal search is available in beta, should make Symbian have a better feel with search which gives search results of both apps, phone features and web results, all together.

I would say that Symbian 3 is a good experience, but ofcourse the shift to windows phone is hurting the OS, with developers no-longer giving the platform the attention it requires. For example, give me a twitter client that would rival tweetcaster or tweetdeck on mobile, both are on android. No, dont mention Gravity, how many will fork out the $8 it sells at? Its the only platform missing an official twitter app. Even the sleepy Blackberry has one.

All in all, I like the way the phone fits in the hand, the qwerty soft buttons, responsive touch screen and a good battery life.



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