Nokia E6, can it serve as your main Business phone?

Nokia E6

Nokia E6Nokia E6 is one of the last Nokia phones with a letter in the naming. They have since moved to numbers like Nokia 500, etc. With symbian getting maintenance for another several years(actually until 2016), one would give a chance to a Nokia phone that promises to rival what blackberry can offer in terms of a Business phone. The E series range of Nokia Phones have tried to fit in those shoes, starting with Nokia E 63, E 71, E 72, E5 and now Nokia E6.

Ofcourse each with their own level of functionality, and OS version. Nokia E 6 is the top of the cream among them, with Symbian Anna OS and a host of business applications. Add the touch and type to the list. So for one wishing to “touch” while still maintaining the “Business phone”, Nokia E6 is a good bet. Having been in Kenya for around a month, quick eyes must have noticed it in the shops for all the while, retailing for around Kshs. 38,000.

I have used the phone for a while now and did the phone review a while back. You could spend some time and learn what I think of it. Remember the Blackberry services outage earlier this month? Well BB users look at that as a bad memory, some were looking for a way out, as they had so gotten used to their device that to some it was another limb on their body. E6 would have been an option, without those managed services.

Enough of the virtual bouquets of flowers am heaping on this device:

What does Nokia E6 offer?

With this device you get better business connectivity. Nokia E6 supports upto 10 mailboxes on the native mail client, plus support for Mail for Exchange and Microsoft Communicator Mobile. It also supports intranet andextranet portals built on the Microsoft Share Point Server. Security features include HW accelerated encryption of information and communication, in addition to secure access to company intranet with IPSEC and SSL VPN enablers in place, and the preloaded intranet application.

Nokia was previously lagging behind with the user browsing experience. This came to pass when they announced a new Nokia browser that came with Symbian Anna and also a version for Series 40 phones. Nokia browser gives one a better UI and faster experience.

Other features this phone offers are an 8 megapixels camera with dual led flash(gives great images), internal storage of 8 GB and support for 32GD expansion via microSD. It also has an outstanding battery life.