How to limit quarrels that may ensue owing to the information you post on your blog

blogging angry
blogging angry

Remember that you not only have to own a blog in order to be careful of what you publish in it. The comments you hurry to post in other peoples’ blogs may also bring trouble at your doorstep. That means one thing – being extremely careful of whatever we intend to post on the net, be it a video, photos, a string of spammy words masquerading as a well thought out comment.
You also have to remember that it does not help to plead innocence while, owing to what you’ve published, someone gets hurt – it is like throwing a stinking sock right in the face of a person. Another rule is never to get physical on the net. If you hate someone, keep the hatred between yourselves. Readers don’t want to know that you don’t care about so and so. It’s good to keep the fight off the net, or better, solve the little matter that you may seem to blow out of proportion.
Carefully draw a line between what you may share with others and what you may not. Getting too much into other peoples’ lives is as they say, at times a recipe for disaster. You could consult with the person who might be affected owing to what you intend to publish first. Get their permission.
Don’t nag them into giving you the green light. So before you post anything be it on a blog, a social networking site etc, think twice.
Ask yourself whether it is justifiable to publish it – this of course revolves around several considerations, some already discussed in this
post. Careful with your choice of words, the language you use (most people don’t entertain profanity).
The golden rule is to be careful, careful, careful, open-minded, sober, careful. Don’t try make fun of anybody.

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