Get Need for Speed Hot Pursuit free just for being a Galaxy S II user

need for speed hot pursuit

need for speed hot pursuitWe all love free things, right! Mostly if all others are getting em at a fee. Need for speed hot pursuit sells for $6.99 on the Android market. But you can get it free if you have Samsung Galaxy S II on you. You just need to head off to the Samsung App Store. Well thats not really it, its available so some regions, so you will need some work to it. Here is where you rub hands and wait for a rabbit. 🙂

Here at this XDA-Developers thread you will download the APK file for those who have not rooted their phones, (Good think about forums).

If you have rooted:

  • Download the Market Enabler from the Android Market,
  • Change Market Region to UK, Italy or Germany,
  • Log on to Samsung Apps,
  • The game should be there waiting for you to download.

Simple hack, huh! Now lemme go download it, $7 is a huge load to save. 🙂 Lets hope this will be available in other markets, and other Samsung phones.

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