Kenyatweets website relaunching on the weekend, bigger and packed with features

Kenya Tweets

Kenya TweetsIf you are a Kenyan tweep of those times (one that has masticated enough salt) you definately know Kenya tweets with the twitter handle @kenya_tweets. Previously kenyatweets website was able to track Kenyan twitter users,the trending topics in Kenya, list them in groups of Bloggers, Tech tweeps, Business, Real Estate among other things. One was able to tell the number of followers the Kenyan tweep with the highest number had, browse through twitter profiles and see their twitter usage data, including twitter clients they use, follower progress, influence etc.

That was till the website went offline for a redesign/restructure. Well, the launch is due on the 10th of Dec, that’s on Saturday. This will come with great new features. Focus here is providing more functionality, power to the people!Another thing that the new KenyaTweets site will provide is much more information from your tweets, details of which I wont divulge further, best wait for 10th, the wait will be worth it.
Rumour has it that the Kenya Tweets twitter aggregator will be able to tell who is behind the numerous fake twitter handles, though an email to the chief developer regarding the same went unanswered.

In summary, let me say that corporates and digital Strategists will have much fodder for desicion-making on the resources to put in twitter as a tool of trade. What do you expect the website to have at launch? I could as well tell you if you can guess right.


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