Airtel handed exclusive distribution rights in new partnership with Samsung

Samsung Airtel

Samsung AirtelAirtel and Samsung have done a two year agreement that has seen Airtel granted exclusive rights to distribute Samsung products in the 17 countries it has a presence on. In the deal Airtel will leverage on its knowledge of the market to develop market specific products with tailor made individual needs.

Airtel distribution for the select Samsung products will be for 6 months after launch of product.  Products included in the partnership include smartphones, feature phones, tablets, modems and routers. The two companies aim to penetrate the African market with the stamina the two can amass together.

Previous reports indicate that Samsung had gained to be the global leader in smartphone sales in the third quarter, with many gadget reviews saying that Samsung Galaxy S 2 is the best smartphone of 2011. Where are the critics on this? Other markets have been very successful selling via carriers like sprint and verizon, do you think this one will hack it?




  1. I think Samsung would have gone for the most successful mobile phone service providers in the different countries it is targeting instead of putting all their eggs in one basket.

    • I am yet to find out exactly what this means to existing deals with Safaricom and other distributors like Aspire who have been the main players in the market. If they dont have access of the Samsung products for the said 6 months after launch, this will cause a huge impact in the business relationship. Unless this means they can only resell from Airtel=reduces revenues to the players.

  2. One would be tempted to say bad move, but considering we are looking at 17 countries of distribution, it may be fruitful after all.

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