Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos B5512 coming First quarter

galaxy y pro duos bh5512

galaxy y pro duos bh5512Here is one phone I think will impress many, a phone built from the Galaxy Y B5510 but has an additional sim card like the Samsung Ch@t DUOS, on Android. Good for the budget spender who wants more off a phone, the two sim cards. The Android version details have not come out as yet, but the image from GSMArena shows it to have a front facing camera, a feature the Galaxy Y doesnt have. Otherwise physically it looka almost the same, qwerty and touch. My guess is it will feature Android 2.3, a 3.15 camera and a 2 mp front facing camera, 2.6 inch TFT capacitive touchscreen 256k colours , optical trackpad and ofcourse qwerty. A chat with Samsung Mobile boss for East and Central Africa Mr Manoj revealed that we should expect this phone in the first week of February.

One feature I expect to feature prominently is the dual sim standby, ofcourse speculation, a larger internal storage than the 160MB of the Galaxy Y and some more battery life than 1200mAh to support the standby of two sim cards. We can wait abit to figure out how much this one will cost.


  1. I waited a long time for a smartphone with Android and Qwerty. I like keyboards and hate these large displays 😉 I’ll get one!

  2. I have been using the Galaxy Y pro for five days and have been pretty much satisfied with it’s speed and build quality.

    To my experience, its the best QWERTY android device you can get at a budget price and be satisfied with its performance. There are many expensive android devices out there which can do half what the galaxy y pro can do.

    Oh! I cant stop texting on my galaxy y pro! am writing this comment right from my phone 🙂

  3. I played with that device a very short time last year, and I liked it, lemme get the dual sim version as soon as it arrives in the market and sample what it’s got.

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