Gmail reminding users they have just a few days before permanent move

Newlook Gmail

Yesterday when I logged into Gmail I got this notification. Welcome to Techweez Mail’s new look, a video of how new look Gmail is like and some links with the goodies details. Down at the bottom there was ” You can postpone the switch to the new look in the new settings menu.” And my Gmail was newlook. Now I have been among the guys who have been stuck willingly to the old look Gmail, I like it more. Call me resistant to change, but I feel we need to have that choice here.

Newlook GmailThere is ofcourse an option to change back temporarily to the old look, and you have an option to cite your reasons of staying back. And I bet you know what I did. I dont know how long this will last, hope for waay long. The new-look Gmail makes me feel like am being coerced to like Google+ because it looks like its just an extension to Google plus. Now Google has been known to make some drastic changes to most of their applications, most recently the Google social search which has since elicited very heated reactions.

Thats me hoping that somebody saves the classic Gmail look.