Get Dead Space free on Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy SII

Dead Space free Samsung Galaxy

Dead Space free Samsung GalaxyDead Space is a Science fiction horror android game by Electronics Arts. Samsung Galaxy users particularly Samsung Galaxy S and S II have been getting treats once in a while from Samsung, see Samsung has this partnership with EA games where they give away paid games for free at the Samsung App store. Galaxy S users have previously had access to Need for Speed shift, while Samsung Galaxy S II users got the Asphalt 6 HD, you just need to keep checking whats on for free if you have a Samsung apps account, ot just goto the web version.

So Dead Space, a game selling at Kshs.612.19, something close to $6 on the Android Market is free on the EA Games/Samsung Apps promo. Get there if you have either the Samsung Galaxy or Samsung Galaxy S II and get the fun. Note, you will require to do a 136 MB initial content for the game to run once installed, so its only advisable that after download you get yourself some Wi-Fi access or a good data plan. Its a limited offer remember, so you might wanna hurry.

See the Game video.