Samsung goes all out to popularize its Apps store, increases in-app purchase developer distribution profits

Samsung Apps

Samsung Apps Store

Samsung is all out to popularize its own in-house App Store and it has decided to drop its cut from in-app purchases down to 20% from the previous 30%.

Usaually, the profit distribution rate for developers and Samsung for paid applications and in-app purchases is that the developer(s) takes 70% while Samsung takes 30% of the cut. That won’t be the case, at least for in-app purchases, from November 1st, 2013 all the way to April 30, 2014. The new rates are: 20% of the cut for Samsung while the developer(s) takes the rest (80%).

Note that the above will apply only to developers who have updated their apps to In-Apps Purchase 2.0. If you are a developer and want to benefit from the new in-app profits distribution rates announced by Samsung then you have to update to In-App Purchase 2.0