Get scanning and printing in 3D with the HP TopShot laser jet pro M275

HP Topshot laserjet Pro M725

HP Topshot laserjet Pro M725HP is the king of printers, we have to give credit where its due, that’s why it isnt a surprise when they came up with a first in the industry, scanning and printing in 3D via the HP TopShot laser jet pro M275. The HP topshot achieves this by capturing six separate images of a document or 3D object to produce finesse in form of a read 3D image either scanned in the computer or printed.

HP TopShot laser jet pro M275 is a product that gives value to Small and Medium Businesses and large enterprises as well. This printer and scanner also has cloud print capabilities enabling users to print via email from their remote devices such as mobile phones, tablets and computers connected to the internet. The HP Topshot creates a Wi-Fi hotspot that covers 200 metre radius, enabling devices with wireless capabilities to print wirelessely to the printer. HP TopShot also supports use of a mobile dongle to connect to the internet to enable email print, with this you can bypass the need for your mobile device to connect to a physical PC.

Some of the features the HP TopShot laser jet pro M275 gives are:

  • Revolutionary HP Topshot Scanning- which allows you capture 3D objects for use in presentations, enhances a very true graphical presentation. You can even scan out the background off the scanned image, right from the scan wizard.
  • Innovative web-connected printing- HP Business apps give you ability to scan 3D objects and save them in online storage, doesnt require a PC, scan business contacts to your contact database, tap at the touch screen to download and print from most visited sites, eg business forms, financial news, etc.
  • Business-boosting mobile printing- Print from any smart mobile device, share from anywhere within the 200m radius, HP wireless direct printing allows users to print without a network from your smartphone.
  • Convenient multifunctional performance, high quality colour scan, print and photocopy on a wide range of paper sizes.
  • HP TopShot laser jet pro M275 comes with drivers, no need for CD installations, making setup very fast. Cartridges are also preinstalled. Managing of MFP (Multi Function Product) is made easy via HP Device Toolbox for Windows, which gives access to HP Embedded Server for the printer.
  • HP TopShot laser jet pro M275 uses upto 60% less energy than other Laser printers, HP Auto-Off technology automatically turns off the MFP when idle.

See the full product datasheet.