Open Innovation Africa Summit coming, Nokia seeks your ideas

open innovation summit

open innovation summitNokia, infoDev and Capgemini are at it again for the second year running, seeking your societal, structural, financial and technological ideas with an aim to foster innovation in Africa. The project is named “Ideas to Innovation” and submissions are accepted till the 2nd of May.

What is at stake?
3 of the best ideas will be invited to the 2nd Open Innovation Africa Summit 2012 happening in the 28th to 30th of May 2012-all expensed paid-to share these thoughts and ideas with thought leaders. The Summit aims to pave the road for accelerated socio-economic transformation in Africa. Jussi Hinkkanen, Vice President, Corporate Relations and Business Environment, Nokia Middle East and Africa urges participants to come up with an idea of a tool or practices that can turn African innovations into shining businesses able to have a great impact on your community.

Novelty of ideas, impact to society, business and innovation, scalability and portability are the key judging points as well as the idea’s suitability to solve a particular problem. The ‘Ideas to Innovation’ competition acts as a “pre-brainstorming” session for the summit and is run under the IdeasProject by Nokia which is an online community for everybody from all around the world to brainstorm. It enables the two-way exchange of ideas between users and developers around innovation and allows everyone, not just the delegates of the OIAS², to participate in this important debate.

Onset of the second stage of the competition will commence after the May 2 submission deadline, and entries will be screened and evaluated, jury being members from infoDev, Capgemini, Nokia and academia.