Intel launching 4 processors for cheaper Ultrabooks

Intel Ultrabook

Intel UltrabookIts okay to assume the Ultrabook was launched to compete with the Macbook Air, quite an expensive PC. Ultrabooks arent either. And considering they are selling on a platform(Windows) where there is a range of prices from the cheapest netbooks ($300) to the pricey machines for the big people, you wouldnt be surprised that there is a load of people wishing they were cheaper. Considering the good things they promise to offer, some of them being speed, agility and most notably, battery life. Well there is hope for many who cannot afford the current price point of Intel Ultrabooks.

Intel is going to launch, not one but four Celeron Processors, some which will sell at $86 and $70(prices for Celeron ULV 877 and 807 respectively) in third quarter this year. This will aid in production of $699 ultrabooks in the same quarter which will then fall in price to $599. This should help in the adoption of Ultrabooks in the mass market. Personally I like Ultrabooks, and the short stints I have had with them has left me longing to own one. A thing that made me reconsider Ultrabooks is the absense of optical drive, but then I recently noted that its been more than 5 months since I last used mine, so that passes.

At the same breath, Ivy Bridge processors will have a second wave coming from June 3rd and will be as follows:
Quad Core Desktop Processors:

  • Core i5-3570
  • Core i5-3470
  • Core i5-3570S
  • Core i5-3475S

Dual Core Desktop Processors:

  • Core i5-3470T

Netbook Processors

  • Core i7-3520M
  • Core i5-3360M
  • Core i5-3320M

Ultrabook Processors:

  • Core i7-3367M
  • Core i5-3427M

Third quarter will also see Intel unveil five Core i3 dual-core processors.