So Windows Phone 8 is for current windows phone devices afterall

Windows Phone 8 Apollo

Windows Phone 8 ApolloThis could potentially change the future of Windows phone. Just stumbled on some news that Windows 8, the one we know as Apollo could actually be meant for current Windows 7.5 Mango devices. This would sure kill the talk of devices not getting upgrades to Apollo, which altered buying decisions of users into current devices. Then on the same bit, there was a tip that there are actually two versions of the Windows phone OS going live later in the year, the second one for the new devices.

A Microsoft PR Rep from Waggener Edstrom apparently said this, said an unidentified leaker on twitter:

Waggener Edstrom person says MSFT has Windows 8 (for x86), Windows RT (for next-gen ARM), & Windows Phone 8 (for current-gen phones).

So new phones, the ones we assumed will be built with compatibility for Apollo will actually have the Windows RT instead of the Windows Phone 8 we have been made to assume all this long. Well this could mean good for current windows phone users but that wont make them get several upgrades that are ofcourse hardware related like display resolution, NFC and Bit-locker encryption. Lets see if this actually sees light of day. What do you think Windows phone users?