JKUAT Career Fair, an event that aims to bring companies and organizations together with potential employees; students at the University’s Main Campus in Juja, is happening from the 11th to the 13th of July. The Society of Engineering Students (SES) in conjunction with the student governing body (JKUSO) will be inviting companies and organizations that will cover all the courses that the university offers. The Career Day is a day that purposes to expose organizations and companies to talented undergraduates and to strengthen their employer branding. Over 40 recognized companies (from various specializations) will be making their way to this event where the companies will be impacting students lives with knowledge and still be able to market themselves (as suitable career destinations) & their products.

Students will also get an opportunity to learn more about potential areas of employment, the various fields that one’s course exposes them to, the job and attachment requirements, and the companies’ expectations from the students. 


Career Day opens up the opportunity for a company to have up-close interaction with the students, letting them know what they expect in the marketplace and give advice to students regarding issues such as what the courses actually allow them to do in the field adding on upcoming trends in the market that students should gear themselves towards.
This will make the selection of employees by companies from university graduates easier in the future as a result of the prior knowledge imparted on the students during the Career Day. This platform of interaction that the Career Day intends to create between companies and students will be an opportunity for both parties to benefit each other and in this manner, enhance university education in its entirety.