KBC Website infiltrated, usernames and passwords leaked

KBC Website hacked

KBC Website hackedKenya Broadcasting Corporation website was apparently infiltrated and user data leaked to pastebin by a Rwandese hacker with a sense of humour.

His website is here: http://www.rwandan-hackers.blogspot.fr

Read his bio below:


Name : Cyuzuzo A.

Sex : Male

Relationship Status : Single

Age:16 years old


Languages : PHP, Asp, SQL, HTML, Java, perl, HTML/kinyarwanda/Francais/English/

Activities : Information technology, Twitter, Hacker,Facebooking, Blogging

Some less known facts About me:
• Single Digit Addition and subtraction
• Knowledge of alphabets from A- Z
Both In Caps And Smalls
• If you provoke me..I could probably count upto Ten
• Special knowledge of the “F” word.
• Can also sing the national anthem
• I m Allergic 2 Studies of all kinds.
• I hate Flirty Girls.
• I drink equal quantity of pepsi and water in a day

This is not really a compromising hack, for the users but next time one will be sceptical about registering to the site where the user admin is “1goodadmin” and was also exposed. There’s the chance for all these users to expose their ideas about what a password should look like, names like kalamumoto, horseheads, pussy123, mjinga and all other names you can think of, could be a nice place to shop for your next password, right? But think about it, chances are that some of these guys use the same passwords for several other applications, so if you are one of them, please do the necesary.