The Road to London 2012 Samsung Galaxy S III video ad

Samsung Galaxy S III Olympics

Samsung Galaxy S III Olympics
Samsung has just uploaded the most recent video about Samsung Galaxy S III features, let’s begin with confirming that you know they are the Worldwide sponsor for Olympics games. Now Samsung has been on a roll with videos related to their partnerships in London, adverts for before and as the Olympics starts. This video below here details some of the things an athlete and people affiliated to them would have gained off the Samsung Galaxy S III. We see the journey of an athlete as the coach is able to compare notes and communicate the same while watching a video thanks to Pop and Play, currently only available on the Galaxy S III.

On the training journey we see a lady is able to read instant news and identify a famous athlete on the jogging trail, holla at her, this trying to show the data speeds on the phone. Onwards we see her use direct call and a coach on the other side picks to share in on the news. In the race tracks, still training we see someone capture images when the runner is crossing the finish line, and they are able to capture several images and select which one fits best, thanks to the burst shot feature.
Moving on, we see some lads share with the athlete a video they had just captured of him via S Beam, which was quite fast. And the image quality of the shared vid is actually quite awesome and high definition, as you can see. Later on we get to see the athlete navigate the city and locate a place through the maps, drag several fingers down the screen to reveal the 3D maps. He can now get the visual expression of the town he is navigating. Think about it, how many tourists would like this feature, well, this is not new to phones, but a demo of it happening adds value and spice to the overall advert.

We then see the athlete use S Voice in such a productive way, he gets it to do a self shot via the front camera, then shares it immediately to friends.

Olympics News app
We see some elderly couple sitting on a park bench reading on the recent news off the Olympics News App to get updated on what’s happening on the “London 2012” games category.

Then there is those kids playing games on the Galaxy S III, also sharing in the experience of the Olympics mood. Last but not least we see a crowd of fans and friends livestream the game on the phone and celebrate immediately their favourite athlete wins. Such credit to the speeds capability of the device. See the video below.