It’s been a year of serving mobile ads for Twinpine

Twinepine Network

Twinepine NetworkIt’s always a joyful story when we are writing about success from startups close to us. Twinpine is a Nigerian based advertising network that serves ads on mobile and mobile platforms. The company is celebrating their 1st year anniversary and also closing the first financial year and has shared the highlights of the progress in the first year of operations.

Doing 5 times their predicted monthly ad impressions is quite a milestone for this startup built solely on revenues from mobile. The company had previously predicted 100 million monthly impressions in a year, and have already passed that to the current 500 million per month. This as made them enthusiastic to reach 1 billion by January 2013. Beyond serving relevant advertising to local mobile users, Twinepine has been committed to growing the local mobile ecosystem and have been doing so by assisting publishers with the development of their own mobile sites, for free . This has seen them develop and deploy several innovative mobile solutions to boost partner publisher inventory and revenues.

“With over 84 million web-enabled mobile devices in Africa, there’s a major opportunity for brands to engage more effectively with target audiences around the continent. However, what we saw initially were campaigns failing to reach the right audience because there was no strategy to the development and placement of the ads. They could appear on any site which may, or may not, match the target audience,” said Elo Umeh, CEO at Twinpine, who is also co-Chair at Mobile Marketing Association West Africa. “Our successes in our first year of operation are testament to our bespoke approach to mobile ad campaigns – delivering true ROI to brands and publishers and enabling them to increase conversion rates and, ultimately, make the most of mobile.”

Twinpine’s fresh approach to mobile advertising in Africa has resulted in it developing an impressive portfolio of more than 30 leading ad agency partners, plus international brand customers such as Nokia, MTN, Pepsi, Autodesk, Guinness and local industry giants like Nigerian Breweries, Interswitch and Enterprise Bank, helping them to achieve their marketing goals with impressive results to show for it. This achievement has let to Twinpine being awarded a grant of $60,000 from the Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria which supports entrepreneurial youth in Nigeria, encouraging them to develop and execute business ideas that lead to job creation.