Gadgets to be launched at the Google event on October 29


The October 29th  event by Google has come earlier with more revelations on what to expect on the material day. Google is set to announce Android 4.2 together with an array of new devices including the Samsung Nexus tablet.
Rumors about the tablet have been in the air for quite some time now and a test photo from the device called Nexus 10 was also leaked.

According to the source, the nextweb, the device comes with 2560 x 1600 pixel (16:10) resolution display which shall offer 300 Pixels Per Inch (PPI) compared to the new iPad’s 264 PPI. The sources also asserts that the tablet goes under the name “Codename Manta” and that it shall be running Android 4.2 earlier known as Key Lime Pie.

While Microsoft shall be holding its event in San Francisco on October 29, Google has chosen to hold its own event on the same day  in New York.
The tagline for the Google event is “The playground is open” and probably that hints why these events shall be held on the same day.

Image credit Yoshikazu Tsuno/Getty