Nokia Lumia 822 finally out, exclusive to Verizon Wireless

Nokia Lumia 822 Verizon

Nokia Lumia 822 Verizon

Nokia Lumia 822 has been on the rumour-mill for some days, weeks. But very little was known of what it will sport. Now Nokia has finally unveiled the 4G LTE smartphone exclusively on the Verizon netwotk in the US. Lumia 822 though announced with very limited specifications, has the much well performing Carl Zeiss technology at 8MP camera rear, and 1.2MP HD front.  The Lumia also got the 1.5GHz Dual-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor, 4.3 inch screen 800 x 480.

Nokia aims to capture first time smartphone buyers or those ready to switch to Windows Phone 8. The phone will wear an exchangeable shell like the younger brother Lumia 820 and these will be sold seperately. The shell will support wireless charging, which is the craze of late. 822 will support Nokia Drive+ which is turn by turn navigation and trademark Nokia Offline Maps.

Also in there somewhere in Nokia City Lens which is Nokia’s version of augmented reality. Nokia Transit also got an enhancement to yield integrated mapping. Smart shoot, a feature that allows one remove moving objects off a photo and select best face, cinemagraph which allows one to turn photos to animated GIFs, panorama, Creative Studio and Nokia Music are among the features added onto stock Windows phone 8 to create the Nokia experience.

It will sell for $99 on a two year contract with black, white and grey as the colour options and be available in stores from mid-November.