Samsung wants you to spend some $$ on Samsung apps, with friends

Samsung App Angel

Samsung App AngelDo you spend money on your Android apps? Well, maybe you are on your way to, atleast for those available on Samsung Apps Store. Samsung has an application on Facebook that allows you to give vouchers to your friends for spending on paid apps. All you need to do is go to App Angel Facebook application, like the page and like the page, you will then proceed to click on the “send a voucher” button to select ten of your friends with Samsung phones, maybe you would want to first ask on your timeline to save you some time. Once selected, your friends will get the $5 voucher to go spend on Samsung App Store. And you will want to run fast as they are valid for the first 50,000 vouchers sent. You wanna be the guy surprising friends this 1st day of November.

Samsung does give free apps that are otherwise paid on Google Play to Samsung users, mainly these go to premium device users like the Galaxy S II, Galaxy Note and Galaxy S III, but this one is open to all who can access the Samsung APP store. Maybe this is your chance to actually purchase an app from Samsung’s store of you never had.