The foxy browser turns 8


Firefox the 3rd most popular browser turns 8 years today November the nineth. This comes at a time when Mozilla volunteers and employees are meeting in London for the annual Mozilla festival.
Just this year, Firefox surpassed 3 billion downloads from its add-ons portal and it currently has a user base of 450 million users.
Approximately  40% of the code is written by volunteers. The browser is extremely popular around the world; it is available in 75 languages and more than half of it’s users employ non-English versions. For your information,there is  a Luganda and Acholi version of Firefox which is used in Uganda.
Techweez is privy that a Swahili version is en-route as a result of translation by Mozilla Kenya community members.
Happy Birthday Firefox! May you live to do what you do best…Keeping the web open.