Another Samsung Windows Phone on the way: ATIV Odyssey

ATIV odyssey leak

ATIV odyssey leak

Windows phone 8 enthusiasts on Verizon will be very glad to note that there is more options for purchase of Windows phone 8 devices in the near future. Thanks to @eveleaks we now know what’s coming this December from Samsung. This is a press shot of the 4G LTE ATIV Odyssey from Verizon. Nothing much on the specs part, but it sure looks well designed, plus the display looks huge.

Samsung started the Windows phone 8 race on a high footing, that of 4.8″ screens, this could also be large, possibly 4.3″-4.8″. We can atleast get to see that the Odyssey will have a microSD slot for expandable memory, a front camera and a rear one with a flash. The device will be exclusive to Verizon, so nothing coming from unlocked and other carriers here.

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