Intel and Safaricom to launch Intel Lexington Android phone

Intel Lexington Zeeya

Intel Lexington Zeeya

Intel does not sell hardware directly, tries focusing on getting their chips in as many mobile and computing devices as possible. They have since sold several smartphones, but these are carrier branded. That’s the nearest they have come to owning devices. Intel is now venturing into the Kenyan market with an entry level device.
The device has an Intel logo, going by the press render above. Sourced from Unwired View, the Android smartphone going by the name Intel Lexington or Zeeya Beach looks like it could be a 3.5″ device and has a solid build, all black with the logo in front. At the front are 4 capacitive buttons and on the right there is the USB button and volume rocker. Nothing much can be gained off it, but as Unwired View says, the device will be sold by Safaricom, including the branding, something like the the Orange San Diego, which was abit higher end.

Expectedly, we are going to see this device sell in 2013 in Kenya at sub $100 prices. Whether this is a sealed deal or work in progress would be a wait and see. Let’s see what Intel and Safaricom have to say on this. What do you think of the Zeeya Beach?