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Blackberry Z10 Blackberry X10

Blackberry Z10 Blackberry X10No matter how hard people bashed Blackberry 10 when it was on the decline, you gotta confess the curiosity is killing you. Renders and videos that have appeared in the interwebs show something that is quite promising. From design, to gesture UI the Blackberry looks like it just got a jab in the arm and could be well coming back up.

Blackberry 10, with their initial move to request and assist developers to port apps from Android, running port-a-thons and ultimately promising devs some goodies to the tune of $10,000 a year whether they make money or not was bound to see some momentum gathered around this old time giant. Blackberry will be launching the Blackberry 10 OS and two devices The Blackberry Z10 and Blackberry X10 are expected to be launched, even though we have seen enough leaks already, its always awesome seeing what the horse has to say about itself. Well, seeing as it’s a few hours to the launch, keep this website open on desktop and this one on mobile  and ensure you are connected all through.

Meanwhile, we have a video of the Blackberry Z10 on video, it’s in Russian though, but most of the important parts have English subtitles.

Img source: Gizmodo