WhatsApp will always be free on Android


imageWell, judging by the message I got here, you can as well conclude that Whatsapp messaging service wont be charging soon on Android and several other platforms where they aren’t already charging. This I would assume comes from the fact that Samsung has a Whatsapp-like service called ChatON that they are pushing quite persistently with features updated often. The other is Viber that has been getting a lot of traction of late. These and many other free messaging apps on Android, the platform with the biggest number of smartphones really means a lot in the business of Whatsapp.

Not to mean that WhatsApp isnt doing business, the deals they have gone into with some of these mobile phone vendors like Nokia and Samsung to get WhatsApp on feature phones like Nokia’s Asha and Samsung’s Chat and REX series wouldn’t come free. But there is significant competition to force WhatsApp to move to extend free service for the third year running. Or don’t you think so?