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Pakuma Choroka Messenger bag

Pakuma Choroka Messenger bag

Kenyan elections are over and we can resume to normal programming. That said, I did get this messenger bag for my Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet and Netbook from Gearzap. Gearzap is affiliated to Mobilefun UK and they have a wide array of products, many of them being mobile phones, mobile accessories including Laptop Cases, and bags. I liked this Pakuma Choroka messenger bag for the fact that I could carry my Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet or Samsung Netbook at will when I dont want to carry the whole baggage of Laptop and laptop bag. This messenger bag comes in quite handy.

It has a well padded pocket for the tablet, the bigger pocket for chargers and books, smaller ones for tiny things and the outside one at the back of the bag. It also has the traditional water pouch on the side and an option of side strap or arm carry strap. The bag is fabric all though with plastic for strap ends and the snap on lock for the main bag. There is an option for other sizes of the same bag for laptops on the same shop.

Enough of the bag’s description, this bag was shipped to me in three days via DHL, a thing I have come to expect as I have had several accessories shipped from their store in Birmingham, UK. As long as your address is okay, these guys are quite efficient, ensuring international e-commerce goes through quite fluidly. In a place like Nairobi where proper street addressing hasn’t been done, you will need some proper identification of the street address and building you wish this delivered to, but I believe this is in the pipeline to have street addresses set up. Nairobi CBD has already got this up, the rest of the cosmopolitan county is what needs some work.

Pakuma Choroka Messenger bag


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