Google pranks users on YouTube’s shutdown in April Fools’

youtube shutdown

youtube shutdown

It’s April Fool’s again, and the first victims are youtubers. Google has uploaded a video saying that all along, Youtube was a video contest and as of tonight they will be shutting down video uploads and engage on a 10 year long judging period of the winner of the contest that it was to find the best video.
It’s so believable, till the point when they talk of the prize. The guys featured on the show are also ficticious, one being Tom Liston who is Competition Director at Youtube. Lol, who ever gets such a title? Well, go ahead and watch the video for yourself, and if you already watched it and bought it, I will assist you with an extra hand for the face palms you deserve. Hallo @mwirigi!

Let’s say, the video was published a tad too early for the Americans, but hey! It’s already 1st April in time-zones East of Nairobi, it’s actually 38 minutes away as I write this.


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