Google Doodle for April 1st Celebrates Wangare Maathai’s 73rd Birthday

Wangare Maathai Google Doodle

Wangare Maathai Google Doodle

Today’s Google Doodle for shows a lovely Wangare Maathai image celebrating her 73rd birthday. We are so pre-occupied with elections, Easter, Kethi Kilonzo, Love messages and the impending shutdown of YouTube to notice. Google didn’t, seems they keep their calendar close. Wangare Maathai is a Kenyan hero who championed for conservation of the environment, mainly against cutting of trees. She even pioneered and headed The Green Belt Movement that sought to plant as many trees in Kenya to replenish what tree cutters had taken off out wonderful country. She was the first Kenyan to win a Nobel Peace Prize for the same activism and her memory remain with us with pride.


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