More images emerge to affirm New Nokia Asha design

Nokia Asha new design

Nokia Asha new design

We just came by some other images from EV Leaks with even finer details of the front of the one button Nokia Asha phones. I highlighted last month of leaked Nokia Asha images that spoke volumes of what we could be seeing in a near future from Nokia’s low end portfolio. These images show the full face of next generation Nokia Asha phones, at-least one model that has the form factor of Nokia Lumia 620. Including the removable shells. Here we have an array of colours, a bright shade of green that could be luminous, red and yellow. Interesting also, is the matching of themes, just like the accents on Lumia tiles.

If this is true, it signifies some effort from Nokia in showing that they indeed are working on revolutionizing Series 40. Among all the images leaked, none has the buttoned UI, just full touch. On the screen there are date, time and battery indicator, nothing much in the angle of lock-screen notifications but in previous images there were. Not to say that this may be redacted, there are several models remember!

All this on the path of shedding the “Asha is not Smartphone” image, might yield some fruits as Nokia seeks to consolidate the entry level segment and make them feel loved with all nice things like colours, smart features, applications, gaming and design. It would be interesting though, to see what Nokia is working on in regards to email management on Asha, now that Google will be pulling the plug on Exchange. We might just hear some OS improvements while at it.