Amazon Launches its Virtual Currency, Amazon Coins


Apps, games, and in-app items on Kindle Fire tablets can now be purchased using Amazon Coins, a new virtual currency. This also applies to the Amazon Appstore. All US Kindle Fire users will be awarded 500 Coins to get them started.  100 of these Coins are equivalent to US $1. Amazon has offered to give discounts for bulk purchases. Frequent shoppers buy the Coins in large quantities have been promised a discount of up to 10-percent. 500 Coins currently go for $4.80 at present, a 4-percent discount. Buying 10,000 Coins will get you or a 10-percent saving with the final cost of $90.
The Coins can be used immediately or saved for later. They can be used on the 2nd-generation Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD  and on the Amazon Appstore. Coins and regular currency can’t be mixed, so when your account runs out of Coins, you’ll have to buy a fresh batch. The smallest amount of Coins available is 500.