Real Time Self-Service is The Answer to Declining Mobile Operator Revenues -AsiaInfo-Linkage


The ability to personalise mobile data experience through true Real-Time Self Service (RTSS) can protect mobile operators from declining revenues and give more control to customers over their mobile content, this is according to a whitepaper from AsiaInfo-Linkage, Asia’s leading supplier of BSS systems. The “Real-Time Self Service” whitepaper can be found at the AsiaInfo-Linkage website.

AsiaInfo-Linkage has extensive experience in the Asian market. The research drew from this experience in exploring how mobile operators can harness RTSS to uncover new sources of revenue from existing customers, offset the commercial pressures from declining revenues in voice and messaging, and counter the emerging challenges from Over-The-Top market entrants. Research by Analysys Mason shows that self-service can lead to an increase of up to 18% in revenue per user.

As smartphones continue to penetrate the mass market, and more pre-paid customers seek to use online media and social networking applications, mobile operators can no longer rely on including large bundles of minutes and texts with monthly subscriptions in order to protect voice and messaging revenues. With RTSS operators can hand more control to subscribers, allowing them to trade resources, increase application bandwidth speed, negotiate the details of their price plan or bolt-on package, and control a shared family plan – all in real-time. The opportunities for new and increased revenues to the operator while the subscribers gets extra control and convenience. AsiaInfo-Linkage gives several real world examples of how Veris Billing RTSS application is delivering measurable benefits to both operators and mobile customers – without increasing IT complexity.

A demonstration of the RTSS capabilities provided by Veris Billing is shown in this video.