Microsoft is giving away touch and type covers to Surface RT buyers

Surface Touch Cover

Surface Touch Cover

Beginning last Friday, Microsoft is giving away free Touch and Type covers to consumers in the US, Canada and Western European. These will get the free covers when they purchase the Surface running Windows RT.

This offer runs a month and will be available till the end of June. There are three types of covers available to be given to purchasers, the Touch cover in five colour options; cyan, red, magenta, white and black, then there is the Surface Type Cover in Black, Surface Touch cover Limited Edition (skulls) and the Limited Edition (flowers).

Microsoft is trying to package the Surface RT as the ultimate productivity tablet by mentioning words like Office Home and Student 2013 RT pre-installed, something that isn’t available in Android tablets and Apple iPads that still eat Microsoft’s cookie in terms of global sales.

Microsoft hasn’t also availed the Surface, both RT and Pro in most emerging markets where tablets in the price of sub $300 are already selling like hot cake.