Leaked Samsung Galaxy NX suggest high end Android Powered Camera

Samsung Galaxy NX

Samsung Galaxy NX

Galaxy camera II could not also stay in hiding for long, huh? We have previously note that the Galaxy Camera 2 is expected to be named Galaxy Camera II and reports earlier today indicated that the Galaxy Camera II will come with mirror-less technology and wont be your average point and shoot camera. J.K Shin, Samsung Mobile Vice President was quoted to confirming that the Galaxy Camera 2 will be launching on the 20th of June and will have mirror-less technology. I will be soon detailing what it really means to have mirror-less technology or not, and what cameras have it.Samsung Galaxy NX

Now as these images have it, the Galaxy NX will come running Android, be no ordinary point and shoot, have a detatchable lens and flash, Wi-Fi, Messaging and Android Applications. Rumour has it that the specs sheet will have words like Full HD Video 1080p, 4.8 inch HD Didplay, APS-C 20.3 MP Sensor, 2GB RAM, Exynos Quad Core Processor, 8/16GB Internal storage and come with three interchangeable lenses, standard 18-55mm, 55-200 and 85mm.Samsung Galaxy NX

If you fancy photography, this is no ordinary camera and Samsung will be unveiling the most high end camera in the Galaxy NX come June 20th in London. Can you wait?