Samsung to announce in-app 2.0 purchase for Samsung Apps

Samsung Apps

Samsung Apps

Samsung has been working to better the Samsung Apps Store and Samsung Services. The services are all bundled into Samsung Hub, currently Books and Games are live within Samsung Hub. Samsung has rolled out paid apps in numerous markets in the world with operator billing already rolled out in Germany. Reliable sources have it that we are not far from getting the same in Kenya.

Samsung is today announcing the launch of In-App Purchase 2.0. Below are the features that will be available as In-App Purchase 2.0 gets launched on June 20th:

 Introduction of major features in In-App Purchase 2.0
1. Support for Various Types of Items
  In-App Purchase 2.0 and higher versions provide three types of items for users to choose from during development: consumable, non-consumable, and subscription. You can select the item type in the Seller Office; please note that the item type cannot be changed once it has been selected.
Also, subscription items are included as non-consumable items.
2. New Recovery Function for Account-based Items
  Your history of purchased items will now be based on your account, rather than IMEI. Non-consumable items, which can only be purchased if you have signed in with your user account at least once before, can be recovered if the purchase history for the account can be verified after the application is re-installed.
3. Single Sign-On for Samsung Accounts
  When you sign in to In-App Purchase with your Samsung account, you are also signed in to all of Samsung’s other content services.
4. Support of Overseas (American) Credit Cards
  Now Sellers can sell their items in the world’s largest market, the U.S.A. Users in the U.S.A. can use their American credit card to purchase items in applications that have In-App Purchase 2.0; more payment options will be available soon.
5. Overall Improvements to the UX
  In-App Purchase 2.0 offers an improved UX (User eXperience) from the latest version of Samsung Apps.
6. Support of Stand-Alone APK
  The conventional library type has been replaced by Stand-alone APK and users can expect the following advantages:
Minimization of APK File Volume in Applications
In the past, the volume of applications increased because of In-App Purchase resources when an application was developed with the library type, but the problem no longer exists with Stand-alone APK.
Easy Application Maintenance
The latest version of In-App Purchase can be maintained without additional application updates.
Because APK can be updated automatically when In-App Purchase APK functions are added or modified, applications do not have to be distributed again every time the library is modified.
Development of In-App Purchase linkage within applications
Users do not have to download the library from the developer site (SAMSUNG Developers); In-App Purchase APK files are automatically installed in the device when the user uses Samsung Apps.
Stand-alone APK is provided to decrease the time taken to implement In-App Purchase.

Information about In-App 2.0 is available on this Samsung developer Website