Here’s all you need to know about the Galaxy S 4

Samsung GALAXY S 4

Samsung GALAXY S 4
Sometimes having the greatest device is not all there is to enjoying and actually getting value for your money. There is always other factors, like a good ecosystem, services and support. Samsung just yesterday confirmed via Korean Media that they have indeed hit the golden number, 20 million in shipments in 60 days. That in itself quashed critics and analyst opinions who were already spelling doom for Samsung’s 2013 flagship device.

Samsung did not just end it by sharing some impressive numbers, they went a step further by consolidating customer service in one document. The Samsung Galaxy S 4 user manual. This document has all the features of the Galaxy S 4 explained. I guess this is the document they hand the guys over at customer service to rehearse with to get to know all the twists and turns in the phone.

The document compiled by Samsung has a compilation of 140 most asked questions for your perusal. Maybe there are features you are yet to explore as you didn’t know where to start? You have a document you could use to get going. I am not sure this document was meant to be sent out to users but since it has been made public to us by the guys over at Sammobile, why not get yourself informed? You could scroll through or hit the download button to read it at your own pleasure.


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