This is technically a Nokia running Android; it’s rugged, hardy and premium


adaiaNokia left so many orphans in the restructuring, and they have not slept ever since. We have recently seen Jolla, a company that is soon going to have Sailfish OS phones selling in a few weeks. As we all know that all could not go the Meego way, there are some that have been toying with Android, a 16 member team that now have a prototype device out. The company is called Adaia and they already have a prototype rugged device seeded out for testing.

The device is not the average romantic sleek smartphone, but a rugged heavy device that is also thick. the 4.8 inch device weighs 250 grams and is built of hard plastic with Titanium reinforcements. The camera will be a 13 MP for the cheapest option. It has a satellite antennae and has features like hot-swap battery at a push of a button. The device is also water-proof while at it and can do a hundred feet in water. Divers are you reading this?

The device is also premium while at it and will be priced between $1300-$6500. Former Nokia employee Hekki Sarajárvi who heads the 16 member team says they intend to develop durable and expensive Android smartphone, and about the choice of Android as the OS to use is that there is no alternative. The devices will start selling from early next year. Not competition to any segment I know, unless the Vertu devices.

 Source: Digitoday [Finnish Language]


  1. I only know one other device wit such specs. It’s a chinese brand and I forget the name but that sell quite the same stuff for 250$. And the quality is very good. I testet one of those phones that a friend bought.

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