5 Awesome Apps for Your Car

Apps for your car

Tired of running into city traffic? Worried about someone damaging your car while you are gone? Below are five apps that keep your car safe and healthy while helping you get around town and around the country.

1. iOnRoad

Apps for your car

Image via Flickr by Jenny Lee Silver

If you are an avid road tripper, you might appreciate this app’s help as you drive. By working with its GPS, sensors, and the smartphone’s native camera, this app will sense how close you are to another car and warn you when you get too close to their bumper. It can also alert you if you start drifting out of your lane, and will remember your parking spot. The app recognizes when you park and takes a snapshot of the spot. Later, it guides you to the parking spot.

2. aCar

For the financially minded, aCar lets you know how much your car is costing you. You can record how much you spend on gas, insurance, and repairs for a great monthly update on costs. The app can also predict the next time you’ll need to fill up the tank and might help you plan repairs, along with a host of other things. After a few months of use, you might even decide that your car is costing more than it is worth and head to a used car dealership for a more efficient vehicle. For those who love graphs and charts, this app is for you.

3. Waze

PCMag.com loves Waze for its real-time updates submitted by other users. They will let you know if there is an accident ahead, or if you will be coming up on a detour. Many users have appreciated its accuracy when estimating your time of arrival as well, as the app takes time at stoplights into account. Waze also works as a trip planner, directing you to the cheapest gas stations and recommended restaurants along your route.

4. Mi Alerts

Worried about your car getting stolen or hit while it’s parked? Mi Alerts works something like an electronic babysitter for your car. Sensors installed under the hood and around the car will alert you if your car is hit, telling you the level of damage. A dash cam will capture the make and license plate, if possible, of the car that hit you as well. It does take a little bit of set up, but it can really ease your mind if you are worried about theft or damage.

5. gMaps

If you are looking for a great everyday map, many people rely on gMaps. It’s the unofficial Google Maps app, but it has tons of features and is constantly updated for better use. One of its best features is its ability to layer support. For example, the traffic layer highlights streets in red if traffic is at a standstill, at yellow if it is moving slowly, and at green if it is free of congestion. This is incredibly useful for city drivers.

These apps will help you get around town, take a trip, and keep your car safe. What apps do you love for your car? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Article by Yazmin Gray