Blackberry still on the rocks as other employees face the sack

Blackberry Headquarters

Blackberry Headquarters

Blackberry is still facing the market hurdle that is market-share and revenues. The new OS BB 10 and new devices have not succeeded in getting the Waterloo company back to it’s feet and has even lost ground to struggling Windows Phone OS. Blackberry recently announced it was open to a buyout and there was even talk of a break up of the company.

The pricing for the new devices isn’t helping in the uptake of the devices which are priced at $400 unsubsidized for the cheapest Blackberry 10 device Blackberry Q5 in many markets. According to BGR there has been several recent lay-offs in the sales department, as much as half of them, which isn’t a good sign as sales are what Blackberry needs right now more than anything.

The layoffs have been linked to talks of an acquisition bid by Fairfax Holdings. Blackberry smartphone market-share currently stands at fourth after Windows phone, Apple and the leader Android.


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