Galaxy Note 3 Marketing Campaign Kicks Off With New Video

Galaxy Note III

Galaxy Note IIIAs a follow up to its introductory video of the Galaxy Note 3, Samsung Mobile just released a new one; the first of what should be many videos coming up to promote the newly announced Galaxy Note 3 and its companion device, the Galaxy Gear.
The video is named ‘Dreams’ and is part of a wider campaign promoting the Note 3 worldwide under the umbrella tagline of Design your Life. Reminds you of the Life Companion? Samsung calls it a short film and if you followed the Note 3 live-stream or maybe later watched the Unpacked event then you understand that it picks up from where we left on stage and takes it a notch higher with the “story of a girl who makes his grandfather’s old toy store even more amazing with the Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy Gear.”

Watch the 3 minute video here:


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