Panasonic showcases a wide array of B2C and B2G Products in Nairobi

Panasonic Ruggedized PCs

Panasonic Ruggedized PCsPanasonic recently opened a customer experience centre named Panasonic Plaza in Westlands Nairobi. The experience centre was meant to have consumers see and feel the products Panasonic has before making a purchase. Today Panasonic goes B2B and B2C for both business and government solutions they have for the region. This was at a products showcase event at the Safari Park Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya where a wide array of products were showcased to media and Panasonic Africa partners.

Some of the products that Panasonic showcased include:

Air Conditioners -The air conditioners showcased are in four ranges of Made for Africa Air Conditioners that are able to detect the presence or absence of a human in the room and sunlight conditions to automatically adjust their cooling power thereby saving energy. This has an impact of upto 35% power consumption reduction. These air conditioners are quite in demand in Nigeria there the weather is hot as they can operate even with outside temperatures of 55 degrees Celsius.
Panasonic Car Recoder
Panasonic Driving Car Recorder which is a useful fleet management solution as it provides a wide dynamic range with clear images and self-regulated exposure value. It also has a G-Sensor for collusion file auto-protection and will protect vital information upon a press of a button when there is an emergency like an accident.
Fixed Wireless phones – Panasonic also showcased a range of fixed wireless phones for home and office use. These range from Public Switched Telephone Network phones that run via the GSM network and also satellite like the KX-TW501 which offers phone book with SIM Phone Book Import, Multi-Handset capability for 6 handsets, Hands-free Speaker phone, SMS, Voice Mail and Free Base Unit for better GSM reception.
HD Video Conferencing solutions
Indoor Air Quality Solutions – These range from ceiling mount ventilation fan, Energy Recovery Ventilation Fans, Kitchen ventilation fans and wall mount  bathroom fans
Bluetooth Powered Link To Cell Handsets that enable you to use the phone where there is poor reception by placing it where there is better reception and the Bluetooth link to cell will allow you make clear calls off your home phone as long as it’s within bluetooth connectivity radius. You will also get alerts when your phone gets text messages and get recorded messages while on the go from the home phone to the mobile phone.

PBX (Private Branch Exchange) Solutions like the KX-NS1000 which can either be used as a stand-alone or as a networked system with a unit support pf upto 640 users but customizable to via software to support upto 1000 users. With networking functionality the system can support upto 8000 users.
Projectors– Panasonic showcased PT-RW330E, PT-TW231R and PT-LS26E  projectors, with 3,500 , 2500 and 2600 lumens respectively. The PT-RW330E has an inbuilt sensor that detects light intensity at the light source and corrects the changes reftecres in white balance.

Panasonic Solar Lanterns
Solar Lanterns– panasonic also showcased solar lanterns and LED bulbs that consume low power. The Solar lanterns are capable of doing 20 hours of constant lighting and are charged using a small solar panel by 6 hours in a good day.
Toughbooks – according to Masao Motoki, Managing Director Panasonic Marketing Middle East and Africa, Panasonic is well known for the rugged design devices and produces rugged PCs for industrial use. These are both tested for drop and water proofness and are ideal for the tough work environment.
Toughpads– Panasonic also showcased both Android and Windows ruggedized tablets also developed for the work environment. These are ideal for engineer controls and factory applcations. They are water, dust and drop resistant.

Panasonic also has a “Made for Africa” slogan and the company says it’s committed and focused on increasing the footprint in the region by providing technologically superior products. The Panasonic product marketing strategy is to build products that the African consumers prefer, and this is a hands-on approach to directly engage with customers.