Samsung to launch Galaxy Note III and Galaxy Gear in South Africa, here’s how to follow live

Galaxy Note III Livestream

Galaxy Note III LivestreamSamsung Galaxy Note III will be making it’s headway to Africa later today, in just a few hours. Galaxy Note III was unveiled in Berlin Germany on the 4th of September and has already started selling in over 50 markets. The Africa launch is happening in Cape Town, South Africa and there they will announce how soon it will be available and the price.

This will be at the Galaxy Note III Global Tour Africa. Other devices to be launched together with the Galaxy Note III are the Galaxy Gear, the Galaxy Note companion and the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition.

There is just so much to hear about the Galaxy Note III and the companion Galaxy Gear and for that you might not want to be passed by the launch and hear from the horse’s mouth what the new devices from the Note series have to offer. You can follow the live-stream on Facebook here or the hash tag #GalaxyNote3 on twitter.

Stay alert as this evening the Galaxy Note III will be hitting the shores of Cape Town. Samsung Africa COO said the Galaxy Note III will be priced the same as the Galaxy S 4 at launch so there won’t be a difference in pricing save for places like Kenya where handsets were not previously taxed and the same has been effected.


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