What became of the rumoured Nokia Treasure Tag and the Nokia Guru?


In the run up to the just concluded Nokia World where Nokia hosted #InnovationReinvented, the event where it unveiled its last batch of devices before it becomes fully part of Microsoft, we had very many leaks. Many is a small word to describe just about everything that we encountered. While many of the devices (all of them actually) that were leaked were indeed true and we saw them announced, the same cannot be said of the accessories whose images were leaked hours to the purpoted official unveiling and which had been widely speculated. What happened to them? What became of them?

Nokia Guru
Nokia Guru
Lumia 1520 accessory 1
Treasure Tag

At the event, there was no mention of the two accessories : Nokia Guru and Treasure Tag. Neither was there any press release later on about them. We saw the Lumia 1520’s protective casing announced and as far as accessories go that is the most high profile one. Those that we expected to see or hear of like the two live to be mysterious some other time. Were they just pulled off the day’s plans at the last minute or did they never exist in the first place? Never existing doesn’t do it for me since something like the Treasure Tag has been in the rumour mill for the longest time. Maybe they were just not ready; maybe Nokia is sparing them for a later release. Maybe they may never see the light of day after all. Companies do experiment and test many devices and their possible accessories. Then again what we were seeing were not factory floor shots or supply chain leaks but press renders. Whatever the case, we should be hearing about the Treasure Tag and Nokia Guru soon or maybe never again. They could just show up in shops.