Will we see LG’s curved smartphone this November?


LG has never hid their intentions of producing a curved device. They were very clear from the start that they had something in the works and promised a launch in two months time. The first month (this October) is gone and now we have only November remaining so when exactly will we see the LG G Flex as the rumoured curved smartphone is believed to be named?

Not long according to some quarters. LG’s curved smartphone recently posed for the camera in a very unlikely location, Argentina, and there’s no doubt it is the device we have seen before. Reports from that side of the world point to a release sometime in the coming month. Just like Samsung with its Galaxy Round, LG is said to be planning a Korea-only release with no intentions of getting this device overseas. This could also be a prototype just like the Galaxy Round is.

Other than curving from top to bottom being its own distinct feature, the device also has buttons on the back just like the LG G2. There are n details about the pricing but don’t be surprised if it gets a $1000 or thereabouts price tag just like the Galaxy Round.


Image: Twitter



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