Getting better or more creepy? In future, your Google+ profile will show up when you call someone


Android software engineer Atilla Bodis took to Google+ to explain the new feature of Android 4.4 KitKat, Caller ID. The Truecaller like feature works by doing a quick check of the number calling you on Google’ servers based on details Google has gathered from local businesses near you. That is not the only thing that Google has been working on. If you have noticed, currently, Google ties your phone number, not just your Google account as it was before, with your Android device. That is why Hangouts is now able to fully function as your default messaging application. Seemingly, that feature is bound to get even bigger, better and a creepier (in my opinion).


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What will Caller ID encompass? Your full Google+ profile. Yes your phone number is already part of your Google account details and is tied to your phone but Google is geared to take a things further in an effort to be more social so what this means is that your phone number will now be directly and publicly tied to your Google+ account so that if you happen to call a contact (saved or not) your caller ID is actually data gathered from your Google+ profile like your Google+ profile picture as part of the caller info that is displayed on the phone of whoever you are calling. That sounds creepy to me but it can also be very useful. It will spare you the current pain of having to take actual photos of your contacts and attaching them as contact photos on your phone’s contacts/address book.

There’s no word on when this will start rolling out but you may want to go and pose for a better Google+ profile photo before that time comes.