Internet Explorer 11 now available for Windows 7



As usual every new version of Windows comes with a new version of Internet Explorer and Internet Explorer is what came with Windows latest update, Windows 8.1. As expected, IE11 has been exclusive to Windows 8.1 for the past few weeks. Not anymore. Those of us who still religiously use Windows 7 are getting some love too. IE11 is finally available for download to all Windows 7 running machines.

Internet Explorer 11 has been available as a developer preview and a consumer preview on Windows 7 from July and September respectively. If you are running one of those preview builds and have Windows auto-updates turned on then you should be getting the update at the moment. For those who don’t have the update installed, IE11 is coming out as part of your usual Windows updates in coming weeks.

IE11 on Windows 7 is said to be similar to the one bundled with Windows 8.1 save for some minor things like support for Enhanced Protected Mode browser security enhancements, support for premium video extensions, support for Google’s SPDY protocol and several other cosmetic changes like the positioning of the URL bar and tab view.

IE11 brings with it several changes like an improved JavaScript performance, support for the  emerging ECMAScript 6 standard, support for WebGL and several others.

News of IE11’s availability on Windows 7 machines comes a day after Google announced that it will no longer be supporting Internet Explorer 9 for use with Google Apps.

You can get IE11 for your Windows 7 machine here.


Source: Microsoft